Crude Oil Production

Long-term oil supplies is an in-depth enquiry of oil market. ABM Analytics explore the issue of global oil supply using our proprietary agent-based tool which explicitly models the demand and production of 218 countries.

It offers a detailed analysis of global oil reserves, the issue of peak oil and oil production dynamics. The study can cover:

  • World oil reserves and resource
  • The current and expected increase and decline in country-specific oil production
  • Forward-looking cost curves of crude oil production
  • Forward-looking export capacity per country and region
  • Policy implications for businesses and governments

The graphs below show the evolution of the oil market from the 18th century to 2010. Using ABM Analytics flagship tools these evolutions can be extented into the future using a user-defined set of ABM-based scenarios.

About us

ABM Analytics is a privately held oil & gas advisory company dedicated to provide services and a variety of tailor-made packages to meet the specialised needs of organisations and governments. ABM Analytics is known for its well-researched fundamental tools (the ACEGES model and the GAMLSS framework) to support evidence-based policy, risk analysis and investment processes, particularly in oil, gas and electricity markets.