About ABM Analytics

About us

ABM Analytics Philosophy

We believe that an agent-based, fundamentally driven analytical process that focuses on markets dynamics can generate a risk-adjusted outperformance of investments decisions over time.

Through our comprehensive research process, we seek to create a differentiated view that allows us to produce decision scenarios of the dynamics and risks of the energy/fuels markets.

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We serve our client by using powerful agent-based modeling (ABM) and statistical tools to develop quantitative scenarios, which provides our clients with an alternative to traditional models, offering them a better risk/reward profile:

  • Risk management matters: Risk management is primary to our approach; Tight risk controls are embedded in our systems
  • Disciplined, consistent and repeatable analytical framework: Engineered to provide consistent and repeatable results over time and geographical regions; Designed to work in both normal and abnormal markets; Capable to be applied to a broad range of markets (i.e. crude oil, natural gas, other commodities)
  • Best talent is working for you: A leading team of world-class experts is dedicated to delivering sustainable results for our clients

ABM Analytics focus is on delivering the right result that brings lasting value to your organisation. ABM Analytics goal is to fully utilise its research for each decision and risk-adjusted investment process.

About us

ABM Analytics is a privately held oil & gas advisory company dedicated to provide services and a variety of tailor-made packages to meet the specialised needs of organisations and governments. ABM Analytics is known for its well-researched fundamental tools (the ACEGES model and the GAMLSS framework) to support evidence-based policy, risk analysis and investment processes, particularly in oil, gas and electricity markets.