ABM Analytics Products

ABM Analytics offers a complementary range of products:

  • Analysis and reports of the energy/fuels markets and flows for specific countries, regions or the whole world
  • Analysis and reports of energy technologies (including diffusion patterns)
  • Policy briefs and energy-related infrastructure investment plans
  • Strategic planning, analysis and monitoring market frameworks
  • Scenarios of energy/fuels and related markets
  • Tailor made decision- and policy-support tools based upon our flagship ABM and statistical tools

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ABM Analytics products are based upon our flagship tools. Two of our key in-house tools are:

  • ACEGES: An agent-based model for exploratory energy policy and long-term investment decisions by means of controlled computational experiments. ACEGES is designed to be the foundation for large custom-purpose simulations of the global energy system.
  • GAMLSS: Semi-parametric regression type models where the exponential family distribution assumption for the response variable is relaxed and replaced by a general distribution family, including highly skew and/or kurtotic continuous distributions.

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About us

ABM Analytics is a privately held oil & gas advisory company dedicated to provide services and a variety of tailor-made packages to meet the specialised needs of organisations and governments. ABM Analytics is known for its well-researched fundamental tools (the ACEGES model and the GAMLSS framework) to support evidence-based policy, risk analysis and investment processes, particularly in oil, gas and electricity markets.