Latest News

March 2013
The CEO of ABM Analytics contributed at the workshop on agent-based modelling organised by the Presidential Working Unit of Indonesia.

February 2013
Following the invitation by the President of the EI, the CEO of ABM Analytics attended the prestigious IP Week Annual Dinner

January 2013
CEO of ABM Analytics, Dr. Vlasios Voudouris, lead the report 'Investment opportunities in Greece: Oil, gas, electricity and renewables' for KEPE/Ministry of Regional Development and Competitiveness (Greece).

About us

ABM Analytics is a privately held oil & gas advisory company dedicated to provide services and a variety of tailor-made packages to meet the specialised needs of organisations and governments. ABM Analytics is known for its well-researched fundamental tools (the ACEGES model and the GAMLSS framework) to support evidence-based policy, risk analysis and investment processes, particularly in oil, gas and electricity markets.