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We at ABM Analytics are committed to helping you explore the risks, opportunities and unique challenges that face your organization.
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Exploring oil & gas markets

ABM Analytics's interactive visualisations and flagship tools enable clients to explore the dynamics of the oil and gas markets from the 18th century to the end of the 21st century.
Exploring oil and gas

Fit for the future

ABM Analytics contributed to the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Select Committee inquiry into the "UK's Energy Supply: Security or Independence?"
Fit for the future
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ABM Analytics Philosophy

We at ABM Analytics believe that an agent-based, fundamentally driven analytical process that focuses on energy/fuels market dynamics can generate a risk-adjusted outperformance of (upstream and downstream) investments decisions irrespective of market cycles. We provide clients with world-leading intelligent analytics for making informed judgements about emerging business megatrends, opportunities and associated risks. We believe we add value by:

  • Improving risk/reward profile and competitive advantage.
  • Generating powerful financial advantages even with 1% difference above traditional analytical approaches as a result of compounding.
  • Understanding of potential catalysts (upside & downside)

ABM Analytics partners with governments, institutional organisations, consortiums and corporate clients to provide solutions to a complex reality, to simplify a confusing picture, to deconstruct the markets into its constituent parts and re-assemble these parts to enhance the capabilities of clients, particularly in oil, gas, coal, electricity and renewables markets.

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ABM Analytics Research Overview

ABM Analytics leverages research in a boutique setting to create a differentiated fundamental research that drives results for clients.

Through powerful agent-based modelling (ABM) techniques, ABM Analytics provides advisory services and a variety of tailor-made packages offering its energy/fuels research expertise to meet the specialised needs of clients. We add value by focusing our research on the following:

  • Getting energy flows right » Important market indicators.
  • Understanding market-government intentions » Important driving forces.
  • Evaluating the downside » Each country has a unique energy potential.
  • Solid agent-based modeling and statistical theories » A priori expectation of success.

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Our viewpoints

The past 40 years have seen apparently informed opinion swing from a belief that the World is cooling to concern that the World has been warming for 30 of those years, due to human activities. Evidence of warming due to human activities over the past ten years has been much less conclusive, and suggests that near-surface climatic change is multi-causal and not as clear-cut in its future path and extent as many claim.

Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) provides a new framework to support decision making under uncertainty. ABM can be thought of as computational laboratories that enable leaders in government, civil society and business to explore an uncertain world and identify where they organisation might be out of alignment with emerging business megatrends.